The market leader in vehicle fire suppression

Skills and knowledge of fire protection – systematic fire prevention activity is an integral part of fire protection. Together with a Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System, reducing downtime and increasing productivity, you get effective protection that limit fire damage.

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Fire suppression systems for buses and coaches

Systems adapted to suit manufacturers' requirements for fast, reasonable installation, simple maintenance and outstanding reliability under demanding conditions.

Fire suppression systems for forestry machines

Protection, detection, prevention. Fires in forestry equipment and construction machinery – we know how to avoid them.

Fire suppression systems for mining machines

What does equipment downtime cost you? We offer the most effective, reliable, low maintenance fire suppression systems for mining operators.

Fire suppression systems for construction equipment

Construction machinery works under demanding conditions and there are many sources of ignition. Correctly planned and installed, an extinguishing system is an effective way of preventing fire.

Fire suppression system for EV and HEV

Fires in lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles usually have rapid progress and are very difficult to extinguish. Dafo Vehicle has launched a fire protection system for electric and hybrid vehicles that is activated before a fire in a battery occurs.

Fire suppression systems for material handling

Much of the worlds goods are transported in containers. We offer the most reliable and effective fire suppression systems for material handling, designed to limit damage, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Special applications

Fire protection of special applications such as compressors, combine harvesters, diesel generators and trucks imposes major demands on the fire suppression system. A suitable costumized system is an important part of fire prevention.


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