National agreements

Do you operate from a number of sites in Sweden?
If so, entering into a national agreement with Dafo offers a range of benefits.

  • We make sure that you maintain an agreed fire safety level at all your units
  • The same prices apply to you no matter where in Sweden your units are
  • You can maintain good control of the status of your fire safety and monitor it via Iris, our web-based service program 
  • Benefits of coordination on SBA work
  • Access to Dafo's broad expertise
  • A single supplier for fire safety products and services, with a single point of contact no matter where queries arise
  • Simpler invoice handling

If you operate from a number of sites in Sweden, you face a range of difficulties when it comes to fire safety. If you then engage different contractors for each of your sites, you will then find it hard to maintain good control of all your units and to monitor them.

We can help you to simplify and coordinate your fire safety initiatives by working together with you to come up with a level to suit your business. We make sure that servicing is carried out according to a set schedule and will report back to you as required. We will give you access to Iris, our web-based service program, where you can always keep an eye on which of your units have been serviced and which have issues with their fire safety. Dafo has access to skilled service engineers and trainers all over Sweden.

The Dafo national agreement guarantees you the right protection against fire.