Service and maintenance

All safety equipment needs to be inspected regularly so that it can protect buildings, equipment and – not least – human lives in the most effective way possible.

Dafo and our service providers carry out maintenance of all makes of fire extinguisher and other fire and evacuation equipment. We inspect and repair all types of extinguishing system and fire alarm as well. Passive fire safety in buildings also needs to be maintained; smoke hatches, fire seals, fire doors and other equipment for shutting in a fire or letting out exhaust gases.

We can also monitor systematic work environment efforts for companies to make sure all is going according to plan. We make sure that inspection rounds take place, that fire safety organisations are intact; and we also monitor other issues that are covered by customers' SBA work.

Service intervals and servicing elements are adapted to suit the safety equipment and surrounding area in question. Insurance companies or authorities also stipulate what maintenance is to take place in many regards. Demands are normally also made of service engineers' authorisation, expertise and training.

Take a look at the map to find your nearest service engineer.

We can also assist with training on the operation and maintenance of safety equipment and systems.

National agreements

We can enter into national agreements for nationwide chains operating from many locations. This work is done either by ourselves or by our partners, who are trained by us and work to our system of checklists, work instructions and procedural descriptions. All work is reported using Iris, our PDA and web-based service system.

Together with our service partners, we have more than 200 service engineers all over Sweden. Our authorisation system for engineers means you can always be certain of finding an engineer with the right skills who can offer you a local service.

Customers working with national agreements are guaranteed the same high service level and the same outstanding quality for all their facilities all over Sweden.