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Total Flooding Systems

Data loss and downtime are two of the most costly problems that can affect a business. A fire in a computer center, transformer room or some other critical area can have enormous consequences and result in long periods of downtime. Therefore, in many cases these rooms are protected with automatic gas extinguishing systems. Dafo has two different systems to offer:

  • Inert gasIG55 is a mixture of the nattural occurring gases  nitrogen and argon, and extinguishes fires by reducing the oxygen content in the room by half, corresponding to a concentration of approximately 50%.
  • Novec 1230 is the very latest development in extinguishing gases, attacking the fire by chemical means.

Fires are extinguished with concentrations normally below 6%.
The advantage of the Novec system is that it requires less space and that normally no overpressure venting is required. Inert gas is cheaper than Novec, and for large facilities and where long pipe runs are required inert gas noramally offers the most cost effective solution.

Both systems rapidly extinguish fires. The extinguishing media cause no secondary damage and leave no residues. Both gases are non-hazardous to humans in the concentrations required to extinguish fires, and can be used in normally occupied areas.

In practice, neither of these gases has a greenhouse effect; and unlike FM200 and other HFC gases, there is no legislation to regulate their use.

Dafo is certified by SBSC, Svensk Brand & Säkerhetscertifiering AB, to install gas extinguishing systems in accordance with the SBF 1002 standard. We have our own planning and fitting capacity and install, service and maintain these systems all over Sweden. We have also installed systems in a number of neighbouring countries.