Fire extinguisher

Having the right fire extinguisher in the right place can make all the difference between a near-accident and a disaster.

We offer the broadest range of fire extinguishers on the market, charged with powder, foam
and carbon dioxide. Our extinguishers are manufactured by Gloria, Europe's leading – and biggest – manufacturer of fire extinguishers. We also source extinguishers from manufacturers in the far east for low-price alternatives. All extinguishers are fully compliant with the EN3 standard. Our range includes numerous extinguishers offering unique functions and designs, such as

  • Environmental foam extinguishers offering efficient fire extinguishing, reduced recharging intervals and less environmental impact.
  • Fat fire extinguishers
    - designed for fires in restaurant kitchens
  • Stainless steel extinguishers
  • Alcohol resistant foam extinguishers
  • Design-extinguishers in various colors with or without illustration
  • Metal fire extinguishers
  • High-efficiency foam, e.g. Forrex frostproof foam extinguishers

The Gloria F series, powder and foam extinguishers with innovative designs and ergonomic handles, allows for integration i high profile environments without compromising performance. For added value they are even available with integrated fire blankets or first aid equipment