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Fire & rescue equipment

Dafo Brand, with our many years of experience in the safety industry, offer our customers unsurpassed security. We maintain a leading market position, with a broad range of products covering both imported goods and products of our own manufacturing. 

We work in cooperation with a number of leading international manufacturers such as AWG, Vetter, TFT and Ziegler, and thanks to our substantial purchase volumes and direct points of contact that cut out the middle man, we can offer competitive prices and fast deliveries. Our many international contacts provide us with information on the latest development and access to state of the art products and methods in use all over the world. 

Pumps, PPV fans, fog nails and hose boxes are just a few of the products we manufacture ourselves.

Thanks to our sister company, Dafo Fomtec, we aslo have access to one of the most modern and effective foam producion facilities in Europe, so top quality combined with short lead times are assured.

Fire extinguishing foam suitable for E85 fires!

Dafo has worked in cooperation with SP, The Technical Research Institute in Sweden, to test ARC Miljö, our environmentally friendly alcohol resistant foam, to fight E85 fires. The results of these tests were very good and demonstrated that ARC Miljö can be recommended for E85 fires/near-accidents, as well as for other types of fires involving alcohol.