Dafo Oy

Puutarhatie 22C
01300 Vantaa

+358 10 666 5120

Dafo Oy - Fire Safety in Finland

Dafo Oy is a part of the Scandinavian Dafo Brand Group. The Group's main activity is fire and rescue services and product services. The company is strong in its own manufacturing and development. As one of the largest Nordic fire protection and rescue equipment suppliers we are able to offer our customers with the most appropriate solutions.

We'll help you find the right products. You will always get you need in the division of fire protection, fire protection systems and rescue equipment solutions. Our goal is a happy, safe and satisfied customer.

Dafo Oy has four business areas: fire fighting, rescue and fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers and
extinguishing equipment, as well as maintenance and training

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