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HAIX Fire Hero 2

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Product information "FIRE HERO 2"

Upper Material
Waterproof leather, hydrophobic, breathable (5,0 mg/cm²/h), Leather thickness (Foot-Area) 2,5 – 2,7 mm, Leather thickness (Shaft-Area) 2,0 – 2,2 mm

Cut Protection
METAL FREE protection against cuts certified with level 2 (24 m/sec., chainsaw speed)

Inner lining
CROSSTECH Laminat Technology; 4-layer CROSSTECH laminate, watertight and breathable. Abrasion-resistant lining with optimized climate comfort for all seasons, espec. for flexible alternating inside and outside use. Superior penetration resistance against blood and body fluids (protection against blood borne bacteria and virus). Increased chemical protection

Non-woven insole
Non-woven insole absorbs moisture

Foot bed
Comfortable, cushioning, moisture repellent, anti-bacterial. Separate heel shape for good cushioning and foot insertion.

Protective Toe Cap
Carbon HX toe cap, for highest safety requirements

Protective Throughsole
Flexible protective throughsole

Extremely slip resistant profiled rubber sole. Optimal performance in water, ice, and snow. Fullfills the highest demands of the European Standards EN 15090:2012 + SRC

HAIX HD Cap System
Specially developed profiled rubber toe cap for long lasting durability

HAIX Climate System
Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at the top of the boot leg

HAIX Vario Wide Fit System
With the developement of 3 different insoles, boots can be adapted to fit individual widths. HAIX Fast Lacing Fit System
Patented Two Zone Lacing System for quick and optimal lacing adjustment and correct fit of the boot.

HAIX 3Z Protector System
Safety Protection zones to prevent injury to the shin, ankle and metatarsal.

MicroSoftLight: Improved damping, extremely low weight due to the PU foam across the entire sole area, good cold/heat insulation

Sun Reflect
Reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler