Enviro Fluorine Free Foam Concentrates

Recognising the many Systems applications and needs of the Emergency Response missions Fomtec manufactures and promotes an extensive range of Fluorine Free foam concentrates. Completely free of fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers the foam concentrates are tested and approved to international or industry standards appropriate to the application or mission.

Enviro for Systems

Fomtec offers tested and approved Enviro Fluorine Free Foam Concentrates for use with sprinklers, through to tank and dike protection, as well as specific products for hangar protection and marine applications. The range of Enviro products covers Fluorine Free Foam Concentrates suitable for low, medium and high expansion applications. Class A and Class B fuels, whether hydrocarbon fuel fires or polar solvent fuel fires.

Enviro for Emergency Response

From Wildland fires, through the diverse requirements of Municipal Fire Departments to the critical risks in the Industrial sector Fomtec offers a growing range of Enviro Fluorine Free Foam Concentrates formulated for the specific Emergency Response missions. Class A, Class B, hydrocarbon fuel fires and polar solvent fuel fires can all be effectively tackled with an Enviro product.