Fomtec Enviro ARK

The world’s first FM Approved Fluorine Free Foam for use with sprinklers on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires.

FM Approval

Following extensive research and development allied with many months of testing in collaboration with our hardware partner Viking Corporation, Fomtec Enviro USP and Enviro ARK received their FM approval this month.

Tested and approved for type II, type III and sprinkler discharge devices for hydrocarbon fuels (USP) and hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuels (ARK), with Enviro ARK being the first Fluorine Free Foam approved for use on polar solvent fuels with standard sprinklers.

Enviro by Fomtec

Recognising the many Systems applications, and needs of the Emergency Response missions Fomtec manufactures and promotes our Enviro range of Fluorine Free Foam Concentrates. All Fomtec Enviro products are totally free from fluorinated surfactants and polymers.

The Fomtec Enviro range includes foam concentrates for training, class A and class B hazards. Whether low, medium or high expansion application there is an Enviro product to suit the application and mission requirements.

ARK Fire Test

Fomtec Enviro ARK is tested and approved by FM for top side and sprinkler application on hydrocarbon fuels, alcohols (IPA test fuel) and ketones (Acetone test fuel).